Journal of Contemporary Approaches in Psychology and Psychotherapy (JCAPP)

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Aims and Scope:

Journal of Contemporary Approaches in Psychology and Psychotherapy (JCAPP) aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among academics, researchers, practitioners, and educators fostering the dissemination of knowledge that promotes mental health and advances in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. The journal welcomes original research, theoretical perspectives, empirical studies and clinical case studies that offer insights into contemporary approaches in psychology and psychotherapy. Through rigorous peer review and scholarly discourse, JCAPP aims to foster dialogue, innovation, and excellence in contemporary psychological research and clinical practice.

Journal of Contemporary Approaches in Psychology and Psychotherapy serves a diverse audience interested in the latest developments in psychology and psychotherapy. Our readership includes academic researchers and scholars, such as university professors, lecturers, and students at all levels, who are keen to stay updated on cutting-edge research, theoretical advancements, and practical applications. Clinical psychologists and psychotherapists also form a significant part of our audience, as they apply contemporary psychological theories and therapeutic techniques in their practice to enhance patient outcomes. Policy makers and mental health administrators involved in the formulation and implementation of mental health policies find valuable insights in our journal. Educational institutions and research centers, including libraries and academic institutions, rely on our Journal for current and comprehensive research to support their education, training, and studies in psychology and psychotherapy. Additionally, students and early-career practitioners benefit from the credible sources and research provided by Journal, aiding their education and professional development. Furthermore, general readers with an interest in mental health and therapeutic practices appreciate our accessible and insightful articles.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

§  Contemporary theoretical frameworks and models in psychology and psychotherapy;

§  Emerging trends in psychotherapeutic practice and research;

§  Innovative research methodologies and techniques;

§  Applications of psychology in diverse settings, such as clinical, educational, organizational, and community contexts;

§  Advances in evidence-based practices and interventions;

§  Interdisciplinary collaborations integrating psychology with other fields such as neuroscience, sociology, education, and technology;

§  Integrative and multidisciplinary perspectives on mental health and well-being.

Frequency: Bi-annually. Journal is published twice per year in: 30th of June and 30th of December.

Deadlines for Submissions:                             Expected Publication Date:

15th of May, 2024 for Issue 2                          30th of June, 2024 for Issue 2

15th of November, 2024 for Issue 3               30th of December, 2024 for Issue 3

Reviewed papers will be published online immediately upon final acceptance and will be included in the next available issue of the journal.


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