Socio-Economics Research, Innovation and Technologies

ISSN Print: 3008-4229

ISSN Online: 3008-4237

L-ISSN: 3008-4229


Socio-Economics Research, Innovation and Technologies (abbrev. SERITHA) is a book series aims to open doors to research and innovation for any learning and discovery process of education, science and technology. 

SERITHA is a series of peer-reviewed books based on conceptual and empirical contributions in the field of economics and social sciences, in which challenges always start with an issue, and the learning occurs in the journey of researching, investigating, and discovering different solving pathways. This series particularly features conceptualised ideas, science-based approaches for the domains of economics & social sciences as a means to foster qualitative and quantitative research in the academic environment.

The BOOKS of this SERIES are published by RITHA PUBLISHING HOUSE.

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Published BOOKS and their CHAPTERS are INDEXED in Central and Eastern European Online Library and EBSCOhost Research Platform.