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Journal of Applied Economic Sciences (JAES) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal focused on publishing research articles related to various aspects of applied economics. Our Journal seeks to bridge the gap between economic theory and practical applications, contributing to the development of effective economic policies and practices being interested in publishing research that uses innovative and cutting-edge methodologies to explore economic questions, including the use of new data sources, advanced statistical techniques, and computational methods to enhance the rigor and relevance of economic research.

Journal of Applied Economic Sciences (JAES) serves a broad and diverse audience interested in applied economics. Our readership includes academic researchers and scholars, such as university professors, lecturers, and students at all levels, who seek to stay informed about the latest research findings, theoretical developments, and practical applications in applied economics. Economists and policy makers working in governmental and non-governmental organisations, think tanks, and international institutions also find value in our journal as they formulate, analyse, and implement economic policies. Additionally, industry professionals and practitioners in sectors such as finance, banking, business, and consultancy use our Journal to apply economic principles and research to real-world problems and decision-making processes. Educational institutions, including libraries, research centers, and universities, rely on our journal to support teaching, learning, and further research. Students and early-career researchers benefit from the current economic research provided by Journal of Applied Economic Sciences , aiding their studies and research projects.

The specific aims and scope of the Journal of Applied Economic Sciences generally include, but are not limited to the following:

   §   Applied Economics Research. JAES seeks to publish original research papers that apply economic theories, methodologies, and empirical analysis to address practical economic problems. The journal covers a broad range of applied economic topics.

   §   Interdisciplinary Approach. The journal encourages interdisciplinary research that combines economics with other social sciences, such as finance, management, international business, information technologies, sociology, or political science, to offer comprehensive insights into complex economic issues, fostering a holistic understanding of the interplay between economics and other fields.

   §   Policy Relevance. JAES focuses on research with direct policy implications and relevance for policymakers, government agencies, businesses, and non-governmental organisations. The aim is to provide evidence-based guidance for economic decision-making, helping to inform and shape effective economic policies and strategies.

   §   Empirical Studies. The journal welcomes empirical studies that use various quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse economic phenomena, such as econometric modelling, statistical analysis, case studies, experimental economics, and surveys. These empirical investigations aim to provide robust and data-driven insights into economic issues.

Journal of Applied Economic Sciences (JAES)  aims to include research that reflects a global perspective, considering economic issues and solutions from different regions and countries. This diversity helps to enrich the journal's content and provides a broader understanding of how economic theories and applications can vary across different contexts.

Journal of Applied Economic Sciences is published quarterly in Spring (30th March), Summer (30th June), Fall (30th September) and Winter (30th December). Journal's digital preservation, electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content are in line with the Archiving & Repository Policies of Publishing House

Journal of Applied Economic Sciences is currently indexed in:

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 § EBSCO-Central & Eastern European Academic Source (CEEAS)

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Acceptance Rate (2023): 39%. We monitor the acceptance rates of our journal by calculating the ratio of accepted articles to the total number of submitted articles in the same year.

Frequency: Quarterly

Deadlines for Submissions:                             Expected Publication Date:

15th of February, 2024 for Issue 1(83)           30th of March, 2024 for Issue 1(83)

15th of May, 2024 for Issue 2(84)                   30th of June, 2024 for Issue 2(84)

15th of August, 2024 for Issue 3(85)              30th of September, 2024 for Issue 3(85)

15th of November, 2024 for Issue 4(86)         30th of December, 2024 for Issue 4(86)

Accepted papers, following the completion of the review process will promptly be published online and included into the forthcoming issue of the journal.


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